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Component-Based Architecture

Component-Based Architecture

Here at Tampa Software Developers, one of the key reasons why we love developing in React. Is because React apps are built using components, which are self-contained, reusable modules that represent a part of the user interface. The components can be composed to build complex UIs (user interfaces).

Virtual DOM

Another key reason we use React here at Tampa Software Developers is because React uses a virtual representation of the DOM (Document Object Model) called the Virtual DOM. Changes are first made to the virtual DOM, and then React efficiently updates the actual DOM only where necessary, minimizing the performance impact of UI updates. In other words with a virtual DOM, the application can achieve better performance because it intelligently updates only the parts of the DOM that need modification, rather than recalculating and rendering (reloading) the entire UI. A very simple example of this would be maybe you want to change numbers on a page without the entire page reloading, React virtual DOM makes things like that possible.

Virtual DOM
Declarative Syntax

Declarative Syntax

Another advantage of developing with React is the Declarative Syntax, this makes it easier to the reasoning for the code. As developers, we can describe what the UI should look like, and React takes care of updating the DOM to match what we described kinda like we talked about above, except these are the instructions on what should be outputted, not how.

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